Media Queries and Opportunities

Below are listed requests from various media organisations looking for help with their programmes, research, articles, etc. These have arrived primarily through Trans Media Watch, but other organisations may contribute to this listing from time to time.

Trans Media Watch are unable to guarantee, in any individual case, the way in which a media outlet will deal with a trans story. Where possible it endeavours to discuss media requests in advance and, where there is a sense that those involved may not be as aware of sensibilities around particular issues as they could be, it has sought to explain issues to them.

The bottom line, however, is if you feel uncomfortable, at any point during any engagement with the press or broadcasting media or that you or your views are not being respected, then you should walk out. You do not (unless you have signed a contract!) owe any obligation to media organisations: and their desire to produce stories should never come before respect for you as an individual:

General Help Required

Trans Media Watch is involved in a wide range of activities, from supporting individual newspapers or broadcasters looking to develop stories about trans people, to providing training for commercial and public organisations, to handling complaints and taking part in Government Consultations.

There is always more work to be done than a small volunteer organisation like TMW is able to handle. So if you would like to help and feel you have skills to offer, please drop a line on


Below is a list of specific asks for help received from media organisations. Please bookmark this page and return to check up from time to time, as this list is constantly being refreshed as existing requests are sorted out and new ones arrive.

Again, if you would like to get involved in any of the opportunities listed here, please drop a line to – unless otherwise indicated.

      • Review of anti-hate toolkit: TMW has been invited to attend an open session to review a toolkit designed to help “hack hate and improve emotional literacy for young people”. The demo takes place in London on 28 June. Drop a line if you are interested in attending.
      • Interview with a trans woman “survivor”: a media organisation is looking to interview a trans woman for a podcast looking at the impact of domestic violence on different groups of individuals within society. If you feel you might be able to talk on this subject, drop a line. Given the potentially difficult nature of this topic, TMW will discuss with any interested individuals the risks of this project before taking it further.
      • Request for input to a “detransitioning documentary”: TMW have been asked to help find suitable individuals to talk about the detransitioning experience. This should include not just those who detransitioned, but those who felt forced to detransition, as well as individuals who later decided to retransition.

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