Galop UK have a message of solidarity for Pride

To celebrate #LondonPride, @galopuk are today releasing a video to address and tackle prejudices in the #LGBT+ communities.

An official spokesperson for Galop tells us: “As a community we’ve faced a lot of prejudices in the past. It’s time to re-write ourselves back into history.

“Help us by sharing this message of solidarity!”

And if you want to help/share/see what Galop are up to, the video is available for download now over on Facebook.

1 thought on “Galop UK have a message of solidarity for Pride”

  1. Its very revealing that it is Galop, NOT Pride, who are issuing this message of support to transgender people at this crucial time. The best we transgender people can hope from Pride is to be “accepted” while they do NOTHING to get anti-trans hate removed from their events. Accepting us ALONGSIDE the people who direct hate toward us is simply providing more convenient targets for the haters … Pride is doing the opposite of standing up for transgender people.

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